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Brink and Campman Flamenco Shaggy Designer Wool Rugs

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Brink and Campman's Flamenco rug range are beautiful designer shaggy wool rugs, featuring a soft, plush 40mm wool pile, perfect for a chilly evening by the fire in your lounge room.

Whilst the luxurious comfort of Brink and Campman's Flamenco rugs is a stand out feature of this design, it also has many other positive benefits, including being anti-static, sound dampening, cushioning, and also fire-retardant - thanks to the amazing qualities of pure wool.

Available in 10 different colours, these stunning rugs are available in 3 different sizes (200 x 140cm, 230 x 160cm, 280 x 200cm). Custom sizes are also available.

Brink and Campman Flamenco rugs feature thick and thin yarns of luxurious wool pile in contrasting colours. Each yarn of wool is specially treated, and felted to minimise shedding. Each Flamenco rug has a weight of 3600 grams per m/sq, is designed and made in The Netherlands. Can you start to imagine one of these rugs warming your lounge room floor this Winter?

Brink and Campman are a Netherlands based rug production company, and are still a global leader in designer wool rug production, as they have been since 1897. The whole Brink and Campman range are meticulously designed in house, with new rugs being designed every year. Their reputation continues to grow thanks to their highly original, on-trend, and high quality designs. The Brink and Campman Flamenco range is no exception to these qualities that the brand stands for - beautiful colours, design, and high quality workmanship.

View a sample of our Brink and Campman Flamenco rug range below, and for the full range, please see the link below:

Brink and Campman Flamenco Shaggy Designer Wool Rugs

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