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Choosing A Rug Colour - Red Rugs

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This week we look at the positive impact that red coloured rugs can have on your room.

Firstly, let's discuss the impact of the colour red when used in home or office interiors, and what is does to our senses.

When we see the colour red, our pituitary gland literally sees red! Chemical messages sent to your adrenal medulla gland secretes the hormone ephinephrine, changing your body chemistry. Such physiological reactions cause the colour red to be imprinted in our minds as being associated with excitement, high energy, creativity, passion and seduction. It elicits the strongest of emotions in every culture. It is the longest wavelength of colour, and is believed to be the first colour that a newborn baby sees.

In Persian and Turkish rugs, red symbolizes happiness and joy. Red rugs such as the ones featured below can give any room a warm and romantic sensation, as well as appearing cosy and inviting.

Burgundy tones of red used in area rugs can reflect a sense of elegance, dignity and maturity - plush, grand, rich, and opulent, like a fine red wine.

Among the most frequently used colours in creative arts, reds command our attention, conveying so much emotion that they are often the first to catch our eye. As a result, red was the first word developed in any language to define a colour.


Red is often such a strong emotional trigger because it contrasts so strongly from other colours. Fashion guru Diana Vreeland once said about the colour red: "Red is a great clarifier. It makes all other colours look beautiful. I can't imagine getting bored with red - it would be like getting bored with the person you love" (DV, Diana Vreeland, Vintage Books, 1985).

Red is a bold colour to use in floor rugs, but can have a positive impact on a room, particularly when complimenting tones are selected for other elements of the room, including walls and ceiling.

For our full range of red rugs, please see the link below:

Red Rugs From Rugs Of Beauty

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