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Choosing A Rug Colour - Grey Rugs

grey grey rugs rugs

This week we look at the impact of grey rugs on a room, how they can compliment and add to your existing decor, and what impressions and feelings the colour grey evokes in people.

When humans see the colour grey, they often perceive an assertive, intellectual, thoughtful and contemplative, yet calming influence - a statement of knowledge and wisdom.

If you think of when you might see grey in nature, it appears subtly, as an undertone in the sky at dawn or dusk, or in trees, rock structures, and stones we encounter on a bushwalk, or in the cement or steel structures of cities and our homes. They are constant, classic, dependable, timeless, unwavering, and firm, and it is for this reason why many people choose grey as their main colour of choice for rugs - it is a reliable, safe colour to use in combination with almost any other decor.

Darker greys take on more power as they approach black, but are never as powerful or dramatic as black, especially in interiors. Certain darker or smoky / ash greys can evoke feelings of mystery and wonder.

Overall grey is a quiet and peaceful colour; one that will happily stay in the background, and age gracefully. It will always be in style.

For decorating, grey is a colour that fits into almost any existing decor. It can help to quiet loud colours, for example if you have a brightly coloured painting or lounge.

Could a grey rug be just the thing you are looking for your home or office?

Below are a few of our most popular grey rugs. For our full range of grey rugs, please see the link below:

Grey Rugs at Rugs Of Beauty

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