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Flatweave Rugs - Perfect For Warmer Months Ahead

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Flatweave Rugs are a versatile, all year round style of rug, especially suited to the warmer months ahead here in Australia.

Constructed using a variety of materials including wool, jute, sisal, hemp and cotton, flat woven rugs are low maintenance, durable rugs that easily add a stylish modern touch to any area of your home or office.

Being flat woven, these rugs are thinner than many other rugs such as shaggy rugs, which have a thick, plush pile. As such they are often very lightweight. Often termed dhurries or kilims, these rugs are also well suited for allergy sufferers - the lack of pile means there is less material for dander and dust to settle on. This feature also makes them easy to clean - both in general maintenance such as vacuuming, and any accidental spills.

They may be less insulating than piled rugs, however they are very versatile rugs, often suited to both indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. Another unique feature of these rugs is that because of the weaving method of construction, there is no hard backing like other rugs, which often means they can be used on both sides.

They are popular choice of rug in lounge rooms, bedrooms and increasingly offices, as a statement piece in an office room or to be placed underneath a desk and chair.

We have a great range of flatweave rugs to choose from, including many new styles just added to our range. As with most of our rugs, we recommend using a rug pad underneath the rug to minimise movement on the floor.

Click here to view our entire flatweave rug collection.

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