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How to make cold floors warm

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There are many ways to warm your floors in the cooler months of the year. Adding rugs to your floors is a cost effective solution, whilst also adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Of course rugs alone will not be an effective solution to warm your home, but they can help to provide a layer of insulation between your cold floors and your feet.

Minimising gaps in your home is one of the keys to keeping your home warm.  Insulation is a great way to maintain a constant temperature in your home. Ceiling insulation is a great place to start. Also, under floor insulation is a great solution for homes with under floor space: this will help to stop drafts coming up through floorboard gaps. Also examine other areas where gaps could be present, including windows, floor / wall joints and ceilings.

Once gaps have been minimised, you can consider heating options for your home, including gas, electric, ducted and wood fires.

If you have wooden floorboards with small gaps in between each board, a rug can help to minimize drafts coming up through the boards, and maximize the benefit of your home’s heating.

Combine heating, insulation, gap filling and use rugs to cover your cold floors, and your home and flooring will be warm and cosy in the cooler months of the year, whether you have wooden  floorboards, tiles, concrete or any other type of flooring.

Here at Rugs Of Beauty, we are passionate about keeping your floors warm and comfortable, and making them look beautiful. We not only have thousands of floor rugs to keep your floors warm, but they also have the ability to transform areas of your home into vibrant living spaces. As a bonus they will also help protect your floors, which will help to keep them in premium condition for years to come.

Shop our great range of floor rugs today and keep your home’s floors warm this Winter.

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