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Merge Modern and Traditional Styles With Transitional Rugs

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One of the emerging trends in today's rug styles is transitional rugs - a blend of modern and traditional rug making.

These rugs keep a modern, contemporary feel whilst incorporating traditional features into each design, adding a slight vintage feel whilst creating a classic, timeless piece. This is achieved through a variety of techniques including using subtle or faded contemporary colour palettes in combination with traditional patterns, often in the form of a repeating design element.

Transitional rugs are often born out of a desire to recreate classic designs, but instead of strictly adhering to all elements of traditional varieties, they embrace the design freedom the enjoyed by modern styles.

Rug making is an ancient art form that dates back many thousands of years. In the early years of the art form, a variety of techniques, patterns and motif’s emerged as commonplace design elements. Transitional rugs are ideal for bringing these elements of the past into your home without creating a style that looks too dated. They evoke a warm, welcoming feel and work with almost any other décor.

 Let's take a look at some examples of transitional rugs:


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Transitional Rugs at Rugs Of Beauty

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