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Pet Friendly Rugs

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A common consideration when choosing a rug for your home is a pet friendly rug. In other words, a low maintenance rug that can mask pet odours, is easy to clean up any random spills or accidents, provide some camouflage from pet hair shedding, and can cope well with regular vacuuming.

The most suitable pet friendly rugs we sell here at Rugs Of Beauty are rugs made from synthetic materials, the most common being polypropylene rugs. These rugs are engineered to be stain resistant, and are very easy to clean and keep looking like new.

Whilst it is not possible to have rugs completely pet proof, these rugs come as close as possible to this. They provide a solution to being able to enhance the look of your home by adding stylish, affordable rugs whilst being able to keep them clean with minimal effort.

It is also important to know which rugs are not pet friendly, when you are searching for a pet friendly rug. These may include rugs which a pet can use their paws to scratch or chew the rug, unlocking threads of the rug, affecting the visual appearance of the rug. Rugs with woven fibres, made from materials such as wool, may be best to avoid if you think that this scenario could occur with your pet.

Click here to view our range of pet friendly polypropylene rugs.

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