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Placing Rugs Over Carpet? Why Not!

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A common quandary when deciding whether or not to purchase a rug for an area of your home is whether a rug is needed for a particular area when there is already carpet laid in this area.

This is often not an easy decision, particularly if you enjoy the look of your existing carpet. However, as always, rugs can make a huge visual impact on any room, even one that has carpet already. If anything, it can add further beauty to the floor of a room by creating contrast between the rug and the carpet laid.

On the other hand, choosing to place rugs over your existing carpets may be a decision that solves a number of issues with your existing carpets. Perhaps you are not overly fond of your existing carpet flooring, want to cover up some unsightly stains, or perhaps you would like to add colour and texture to your floors without replacing the flooring throughout your home, which can be expensive. Imagine how a space in your house could be transformed from a dull area, lacking character, to one with vibrancy and sophistication, as a result of a fresh new rug.

It can be a great idea to choose a material for your rug that contrasts nicely with your carpet. For example, if you have wool carpet, pick a material such as jute or sisal to add a subtle texture change underfoot. With that being said, any rug material will work fine to place on top of your carpets.

Here is a summary of some of the benefits of placing a rug over carpet floors:

  • Covering up stains or marks on your carpets that are hard to remove
  • Add colour or texture to the room
  • A great way of dividing up rooms - e.g. combined lounge / dining areas

To keep the rug in place on your carpet floors, a rug pad is always a good idea. We have a rug pad specifically for carpet floors, which you can find here:

Rug pad for carpet floors

To browse our wide range of rugs, all suitable for placing over your existing carpets, please see the link below:

Rugs for carpet floors

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