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Returns and Exchanges: Help, I've ordered the wrong size rug!

This is an enquiry we sometimes get here at Rugs Of Beauty: Help, I've ordered the wrong size rug! I need to return it!

If this occurs, we are more than happy to organise for your rug to be picked up, in exchange for the correct size rug to be delivered to you.

Whilst we understand that mistakes happen, we have a few tips to help you minimise the chance of needing to return your new rug.

Sometimes it can be difficult to visualise how your new rug will look in your home, and exactly where your new rug will go on the floor. To assist with this, we recommend following these steps below to complete this task before you place your order:

1. Use a tape measure to measure out the size of the rug, and place a small piece of masking tape where each corner of the rug will be placed. ***

2. Step back and see if the rug dimensions look right for the room.

3. If necessary, measure out dimensions of different rug sizes and mark them out as well with masking tape.

4. Order the rug size that suits your room best.

These simple tips may help reduce the need to return you rug as a result of purchasing the wrong size, however we will accept returns if you make a mistake with the size 🤗.


*** For round rugs, use the diameter measurement (e.g. for a 150 x 150cm round rug, the diameter is 150cm) and place tape at both ends of the measurement, and at the center. Then use the center tape mark as a guide to move the tape measure around to another point, and mark 2 more end points with masking tape. You can use this same method to make more marks if you wish, to give you a better visual display of the circumference of the rug. 

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