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What is a Rug Pad and are they necessary?

rug pad

A Rug Pad is a sheet of material (usually made from rubber for wood or tiled floors, or pvc for carpet flooring) that is placed underneath your floor rug (between your flooring and your rug) to provide a firm base for your rug, to help it stay in place.

rug pad

They are useful in almost every area where you can place a rug.

Today we look at some of the common areas you might place your rug, and discuss how a rug pad may be useful in that area, and if it is necessary.

  • Lounge Room
    The lounge room can be an area of high traffic. Whether it's to have a quiet coffee or tea, read a book, or delve into the ever expanding range of TV channels, streaming services, video games, and more, the lounge room can be a highly visited area of the house. For this reason, even if your rug is partially covered by a lounge or coffee table, a rug pad would be useful in keeping any lounge room rug in place.
  • Dining Room
    A rug pad may be useful in a dining room if a dining table does not cover a large part of the rug. Generally though, if a medium or large sized dining table is in use, the rug is often secured well in place by the dining table, as the dining table takes up a large portion of the rug. Dining tables can be quite heavy, and therefore any rug beneath it is often well secured in place, so a rug pad may not be necessary in a dining room setting.
  • Hallways
    Hallways are great areas to be covered by runner rugs. However, being such a high traffic area, runner rugs in hallways can be subject to movement. For this reason we recommend using multiple rug pads under hallway runner rugs, to cover the full length of the rug. Our rug pads can be easily cut to size as needed, with scissors.
  • Kitchens
    A highly frequented area on a daily basis, kitchen rugs can add a unique feel to your kitchen area. We highly recommend considering using a rug pad underneath any kitchen rugs, to keep the rug secure, which is important when preparing meals.
  • Bedrooms
    Rug pads may be useful in bedrooms to keep a rug in place. If at least partially secured by a large bed however, a rug pad may not be necessary. A kids bedroom or nursery may be an especially suitable room to use a rug pad in, as children may play on or interact with their rug.
  • Rumpus Room
    Rumpus rooms can be frequented often, as any parent of teenagers can attest to! For this reason, depending on the configuration of the room, a rug pad would be useful in securing a floor rug to a certain area of the room.
  • Office
    Office rugs can make all the difference between a beautiful working space and one that is lacking in character. If well secured by a desk, a rug pad may not be necessary, however, if the rug pad is not secured by any furniture, a rug pad would be useful in keeping your office rug in place.
  • Entrance
    Entrances to homes are another high traffic area, but also a popular place to use a rug to create the finishing touches to any entrance. Rug pads are highly recommended for entrance area rugs, to keep your rug in the correct position.

Rug Pads are especially useful in securing floor rugs placed on all types of flooring. We have two types of rug pads available, rubber for wood / tile floors and pvc for carpet floors.

Please see the link below to view both types.

Rug Pads from Rugs Of Beauty

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