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The rug I want to buy is out of stock - when will it be in stock?

back in stock out of stock rug back in stock rug out of stock

A common question we get here at Rugs Of Beauty is:

The rug I want to buy is out of stock - when will it be in stock?

We understand it's frustrating when you really like something, want to buy it, only to discover that it is not in stock, so in today's blog post, we thought we'd explain the rug re-stocking process a little deeper.

Stock levels of our rugs depend on many factors:

  • Consumer demand
    Especially when a new rug is released, it can be difficult to gauge how popular it will be. This contributes to some rugs being out of stock, as the demand for the rug sells out all of the current stock before the product can be re-stocked.
  • Rug manufacturing times
    Following on from above, rug re-stocking is not an overnight process. If it was, rugs would rarely be out of stock, and we would love that just as much as you! Unfortunately, although many rugs are produced within weeks these days, there are still significant shipping times for these rugs to be shipped to Australia from their place of manufacture. Even the most quickly manufactured rugs can take 2-3 months to be restocked from the time they are ordered to the time they arrive. Higher quality rugs such as hand knotted wool and silk rugs can take many months to manufacture, so the re-stock time on these varieties can be significantly longer.

    A rug being manufactured by hand
  • Weather
    A further factor than can delay the manufacture of some rugs is the weather in the place of manufacture. In some locations, monsoonal rains mean parts of the manufacturing process such as washing and drying rugs are unable to be performed, slowing down production and resulting in a longer re-stock time.
  • Public or religious holidays & festivals
    Around the world there are many public or religious holidays and festivals that are celebrated every year. In some locations, factories close down for several weeks at a time to celebrate these holidays or festivals. If these occur in a country where our rugs are being produced, this can also delay re-stock times. 

If a rug that you really want to purchase is showing as out of stock on our website, there are two things you can do:

  1. Sign up to be notified when the product is back in stock by clicking the "Email me when available" button on the product page, with the size that you are interested in selected.
  2. Get it touch with us via email, live chat or phone and ask us for an eta on the product. To ensure this is a fast and easy process, please quote the product name and the size you are interested in, so that we can locate the product and give you an answer on its availability as quickly as possible. Most products will be re-stocked, however it's always best to check with us so that you know if and when a rug will be re-stocked, and make plans accordingly. 

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