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Top 10 tips for buying a rug online

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Here are our top 10 tips for purchasing a rug online.

Buying a rug online is a straight forward process. However, a few important steps and checks need to be covered to ensure a smooth, pleasant online shopping experience.

1. Reviews

Ideally, the store you are purchasing from will have a number of reviews left from previous customers, describing their experience with the company. This will help to give you confidence in buying from them.

2. Returns Policy

In the event of the rug you ordered not meeting your expectations for whatever reason, the company you purchased the rug from should accept returns. Check to see what the company's returns policy is before purchasing, and if you are unsure about anything, ask them.

3. Privacy Policy

Often we take for granted that our personal details will not be shared with anyone except those involved in processing any orders we place from a website, but it's always best to check that this is expressed in a website's privacy policy that you are purchasing from. And as always, ask the company if you have any queries about your privacy.

4. Know what you are buying

Take the time to ensure you know as much information about the rug you are buying. Thoroughly read the description of the rug, view all the available pictures, and ensure that you have selected the correct size for your order. Will the colour and style of the rug you are looking to buy suit the area you would like to place it in? Ask the customer service team if you have any questions.

5. Store contact details for customer service

One of the most important tips for purchasing from any online store - check to see what customer service options the store has. Ideally, for your convenience, multiple methods of contact, such as email, live chat and a phone number will be available.

6. Secure checkout

Check to see if the website you are purchasing from is secure, at the very least in the checkout process. Some websites, such as Rugs Of Beauty, are secure across the whole website, ensuring maximum security as you browse through the website. Ideally a secure scanning logo will be displayed somewhere on the website, verifying that an independent check has been done on the server hosting the website, or at the very least the website's SSL certificate details will be available by clicking the lock icon in your browser's address bar.

7. Payment options

Ideally an online store will have a number of different payment options to suit your needs. Mastercard and Visa credit cards and Paypal are among the most commonly accepted payment methods. At Rugs Of Beauty, we also accept American Express credit cards, bank deposits (EFT), as well as a couple of lay-by / pay later options from After Pay and Zip Pay.

8. Delivery Costs

Any delivery costs should be clearly stated on the website you are purchasing from, ideally prior to the checkout process, so that you are informed of the full cost of purchase before proceeding to the checkout. Check to see if the website has a shipping or delivery information page where delivery costs are stated, or ask the customer service team if you can't find it.

9. Double check your measurements

Ensure you have measured the area where you would like your rug to be placed. Have this measurement written down next to you when browsing for rugs online. If the website does not have the size you are after, you can always ask to see if a custom size rug can be made from a style that you like. Before purchasing, go and measure the area where you would like to place your rug again, to double check your measurements.

10. Do you need a rug pad?

Finally, one handy option that you can add to your order when you purchase a rug online is a rug pad. Rug pads prevent rugs from moving, whether they are placed on tiles, wood flooring, or carpet. They are ideal for high traffic areas, or for any area where you would like the rug you are buying to remain in position.

Buying online is most often a straight forward, convenient and pleasant experience. We hope that this checklist will assist you in not only shopping for a rug, but in all of your online shopping.

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