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Laybuy Rugs

Imagining one of our new rugs sitting in your home or office? Own it right now, and pay for it later! Thanks to Laybuy, affording a brand new rug has never been easier.

Here at Rugs Of Beauty, we have teamed up with Laybuy to allow you to pay off your brand new rug in 6 easy weekly repayments, using your existing debit or credit card.

Simply select Laybuy at checkout, register an account, add a credit or debit card, choose your repayment dates, and you're all set!

Customers with orders up to $1200 can repay the total of total amount over 6 weeks.

For orders over $1200, thanks to Laybuy's boost function, any remaining balance for the order can be paid at the time of placing your order, all done through the Laybuy interface, when you select Laybuy in the checkout.

As an example, a customer (let's call her Sarah) has a $1200 Laybuy limit, or $1200 left on her Laybuy account, and she wants to buy a $1500 item. Easy - she just puts through her Laybuy purchase as normal, but instead of being charged 1/6th of the cost today, she will only be charged the excess of her Laybuy limit today and the remaining amount will be split over the remaining 5 weeks. So Sarah would be charged $300 for her initial payment today and the remaining $1200 would be split over the following 5 weeks ($240 per week).

Laybuy is a safe, easy way to pay off any rug purchase you have been putting off.

Shop our rug range now, and select Laybuy at checkout.

For more information, please visit the Laybuy website.

Laybuy Rugs Of Beauty

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