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Hand Tufted vs Hand Knotted Rugs

hand tufted hand tufted rugs

Hand tufted rugs are, as the name suggests, a type of hand made rug. High quality, but quick to manufacture, hand tufted rugs are affordable and stylish. Hand knotted rugs on the other hand are a premium style of rug that are designed to be luxurious statement pieces in homes or offices. Today we take a deeper look into the making of both these types of hand made rugs.

Hand tufted rugs are produced by using a tufting gun, to push rug fibres through a canvas stretched onto a frame. Whilst being a handmade type of rug, they are still a relatively quick method of manufacture compared to hand knotted rugs, which are the highest quality of rugs available. There is no knot tying in the production of hand tufted rugs, which greatly reduces the production time, saving costs, which benefits the consumer in the end price of hand tufted rugs.

Hand knotted rugs on the other hand can take many weeks or months to complete as a result of the very labour intensive process of hand knotted, which involves hand weaving and knotting each individual strand of fibre used for these rugs. As a result of this process, the production time is much longer, which is why hand knotted rugs are often the most expensive type of rugs available, however they have the added benefit of being extremely long lasting. Hand knotted rugs are often one of a kind pieces, and can be the type of rug that is handed down through family generations.

Many hand tufted and hand knotted rugs are made from wool. There are many benefits of owning a wool rug compared to a rug made from other materials. To read more about the benefits of owning a wool rug, click here.

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