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Why buy a wool rug?

wool rugs

Today we focus on the benefit of choosing a wool rug.

For thousands of years, wool has been one of the premier materials used for manufacturing rugs, and is still regarded as one of the top material choices in rugs.

Some of the top reasons for choosing wool as a rug material include:

  • Ease of dyeing - wool accepts and holds colour extremely well, allowing a wide range of colour palettes and designs.
  • Sustainability - wool is the ultimate environmentally friendly rug material - it is readily available on a regular basis for use in rugs, due to the fact that sheep regularly grow it!
  • Durability - wool is an extremely strong material. Wool rug fibres are very strong and difficult to break when compared to other materials used to manufacture rugs, and hold their shape well. Wool rugs also age well, often lasting many decades.
  • Fire Resistant - wool fibres will not allow a flame to burn, unlike some other rug materials
  • Repels moisture - wool fibres are naturally moisture repellent, which allows you time to soak up any spills gently before they soak into the fibres of the rug.
  • Add a sense of luxury to any living space

Often knotted very precisely by hand, wool rugs can take over a year to produce. This process combined with wool's high quality and longevity often make wool rugs more costly for the consumer than other rugs produced with synthetic materials. The lifetime cost of the rug should always be taken into account however, as high quality rugs such as wool rugs will often last longer than those produced with synthetic materials.

Whether flat woven, hand tufted or knotted into a pile rug, or machine printed, wool rugs are warm in winter, but cool in summer, and are lovely and soft underfoot.

Click below to view our beautiful range of wool floor rugs:

Wool Floor Rugs at Rugs Of Beauty

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