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Rug Care Guide

Here are some handy hints for caring for your rug to ensure its life is as long as possible.

Disclaimer: This information is provided as a guide only. Customers are responsible for the care of their rug over its lifetime.

Cleaning Your Rug
To care for your rug, here are some general everyday maintenance tasks you can do yourself which will help preserve your rug. However, we would highly recommend the services of professional carpet cleaners to ensure your rug’s longevity and to treat stains. They will be able to recommend how often to clean each type of rug.

Here are some tips:
   •     Keep it clean - Your rug will need cleaning from time to time, however, try to limit the amount of dirt gets on your rug by removing shoes before stepping onto your rug and placing doormats at entrances.
    •    Vacuuming – Vacuuming is one of the best things you can do to keep your rug clean and ensure its longevity. A vacuum will sometimes leave pet hair behind. Use a stiff brush to remove the hair, brushing in the direction of the pile of the rug.
   •     Shaking - Small rugs or cowhide rugs can be taken outside and shaken to remove dirt and grit.
    •    Cleaning up spills – If a spill occurs on your rug, it is important you act quickly. Do not rub the spill. Gently dab the surface using a clean, damp cloth to remove the spillage. If stains persist, call a professional carpet cleaner as soon as possible.
    •    Washing – We recommend using a professional cleaning company who specialises in rugs to wash your rug.

The location of your rug in your home is an important factor in its longevity. Here are some suggestions:
    •    Sunlight exposure –  Avoid exposure to direct sunlight over prolonged periods ideally, as this can cause your rug to fade. If possible move your rug to a location out of direct sunlight. Fading is a natural process with age and all rugs will fade over time, however fading can lead to softer, more mellow tones of colour in your rug, which can be desirable. If your rug is exposed to sunlight, rotate your rug a few times each year. A good rule to follow is to rotate your rug at the change of each season.
    •    Traffic – Rugs placed in high traffic areas such as hallways or in front of doors will wear down faster that if placed in areas of lesser traffic. A higher quality rug is ideal for high traffic areas. Whilst initially more expensive than a lower quality rug, they will last longer in the long run.
It is still advisable to inspect your rug throughout its life and where constant traffic is starting to cause uneven wear on one portion of the rug, turn the rug around. This will ensure a more even wear on all sides of your rug over the long term.
    •    Mould – Keep your rug away from wet or damp areas where mould may appear on your rug.

If you need to store your rug away for a long time, make sure the rug is clean. If necessary have the rug washed by a professional and allow to dry. Roll evenly.  Ideally, wrap your rug up in either brown paper or a similar roll of paper to avoid moths and mildew attacking your rug. Avoid using plastic wrap as this won’t allow the rug to breathe and can cause mould & mildew to develop. Use of a moth repellant is also recommended, especially for wool rugs. Store in a dry, clean, sheltered place, off the ground if possible.

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