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Rugs for cold tiles or floorboards

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For anyone with tiles or floorboards in their home, we all know they can be rather chilly at certain times of the year!

Floor rugs are a great way of providing an extra layer of insulation, and can feel a lot nicer under your feet than cold tiles or floorboards. Of course there are other benefits too, such as giving your floors a stylish new look, a cushioned feel under foot, as well as creating a lovely soft surface for kids and babies to play on.

As well as helping to secure your rug in place, a rug pad used underneath your rug can also help to add a little more insulation, and every little bit counts at cooler times of the year!

Time spent with family and friends are some of the best moments of our lives, and with large amounts of time being spent in family areas of your home, such as your dining room or lounge room, it's nice to spend that time in comfort. Added warmth in the form of a rug under your feet is a comforting touch that adds to the appeal of these areas of your home, especially in the cooler months.

Many of our customers love our eco friendly natural rugs (made from materials such as wool or jute) for living areas of their homes. We stock a large and affordable range of these rugs.

On the other hand some of the latest on trend designs being released made from man made materials such as polyester or polypropylene are simply spectacular, and have the added benefit in many cases of shedding less than natural rugs.

With that being said though, it is important to weigh up the benefits of both styles of rugs.

Below are links to some more information on wool, jute and polypropylene rugs to help you choose:

Rug Shedding Information

About Polypropylene Rugs

About Jute Rugs

About Cowhide Rugs

The benefits of Wool Rugs

A floor rug is a great way to create a barrier between cool floorboards or tiles of your home or office. Browse through our ever expanding range today, and give your floors some added warmth, style and cushioning.

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