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How to Achieve the Hamptons Style

Inspired by the exclusive beach destination outside New York City, Hamptons-style interiors have become increasingly popular in recent years. But what is Hamptons style? And how exactly can you achieve it in your home?

What Exactly is Hamptons Style?

Hamptons style is characterised by understated, sophisticated elegance in classic coastal colors. Some elements are similar to coastal style – after all, the Hamptons are on the coast! The style has been around for over 200 years, originating from farmhouses and eventually holiday homes in The Hamptons. Its popularity has grown in recent years and shows no sign of slowing.

One of the great things about Hamptons style is, while there are distinctive elements, the style still allows you to incorporate your existing pieces of décor, travel souvenirs, and favorite artwork. Oftentimes, you may just need a few fresh pieces and some rearranging to elevate your home into the Hamptons aesthetic.

Hamptons Style: Colours and Textures

The most common colours in Hamptons-style interiors are blue, beige, cream, and sometimes natural shades of green. Accent colours are typically navy or black, as well as natural materials – think wood, stone, metal, and glass. Pillows, upholstery, window coverings, and other textile accents will look best in natural fibres too, like linen, cotton, and wool. Patterns are encouraged, but they should be smaller in scale or nature-inspired versus bold or abstract. Stripes are a great pick, and they also add dimension and movement to your space.

The Top Four Décor Items to Achieve Hamptons Style

  1. The Perfect Foundation: A Hamptons-Style Rug

A great place to start your transformation is with a rug. Because rugs are often the focal point or foundation of your room, starting with a Hamptons-themed rug will help the rest of your décor shine. Starting with a rug will also allow you to build your room out slowly, because rugs pack so much personality into just one piece. Depending on your existing space, you may opt for a patterned rug, like this one, or a more neutral rug, like this one. Natural fibre rugs are also a great choice and a highly versatile investment, because they will work with any style if you decide you want a change later. Ideally, neutral rugs should be paired with patterned, Hamptons-style pillows, linens, art, and accessories in order to achieve the overall aesthetic. Rugs of Beauty has several different styles that will achieve the look you’re going for.

  1. Lighting

Updated ceiling light fixtures can make a huge impact on your home.  Statement lamps made from ceramic, metal, or wood act as a decorative piece and can offer softer lighting than overhead lighting.

  1. Art

Art, especially large pieces in natural tones or nature-inspired scenes (bonus points for nautical scenes!) is sure to wow and add colour and interest to plain walls. Wallpaper has also seen a comeback in recent years, and can be a nod to the original Hamptons décor. If you decide to go for wallpaper, just remember, a more subtle print is a better fit for a larger wall, while a smaller wall can handle a bolder print.

  1. Trays, Vases, and Bowls

A mix of ceramic, wood, and metal accents will bring your Hamptons space to life. Trays and bowls are perfect for trinkets and organisation. Ginger jars are a popular Hamptons décor item – in fact, many Hamptons rugs are inspired by ginger jar patterns. Great colours of trays, bowls, and ginger jars to look for are white, blue, cream, soft greens, and other natural shades. Textures and patterns that will elevate your space include wicker, scalloped edges, raw-edge wood, and stripes. Vases are the perfect spot for fresh flowers – especially hydrangeas!

The Hamptons style is a timeless, refreshing and soothing décor style that may be the perfect choice for your home. Try our rug visualizer, available on our product pages, to see how one of our Hamptons style rugs would look in your home.

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